Zyxel ZyWALL USG 20

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4 puertos, 1 usuarios simultaneos, 5 VPN tunnels

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As broadband quickly becomes a necessity in the business world facing network security threats, the breaches evolve into highly sophisticated attacks to paralyze networks and to steal sensitive information. In response to such attacks, small businesses have to meet the great challenge protecting their networks.

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The ZyXEL USG 20/20W/50/100/100-PLUS/200 Series is designed for small business to provide real-time inspection and multi-layer network protection to prevent the network from threats. The USG Series embodies Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) Firewall, Anti-Virus (AV), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), Content Filtering, Anti-Spam and VPN (IPSec/SSL/L2TP) features in one box. In addition, the USG Series not only offers complete security license to fulfill your demand but also guarantees the continuous firmware upgrades to save your cost. Incorporating comprehensive security features in the connected devices, the USG Series safeguards your organization’s customer and company records, intellectual properties as well as critical resources from both external and internal threats.

Robust security without sacrificing performance
The ZyXEL USG 20/20W/50/100/100-PLUS/200 Series is built with a powerful Integrated High-Performance Security architecture that provides real-time inspection to prevent networks from threats without sacrificing performance. Corporate networks are not only flawlessly secured but also get significant performance enhancements on productivity and efficiency since file loading, emailing and information searching applications are processed at higher speeds.

Comprehensive IPv6 support smoothly connects future-ready networks
The ZyXEL USG Series is IPv6-ready today and is certified with “IPv6 Ready” gold logo. With IPv6 feature enabled, the USG Series ensures businesses with a smooth migration path from the IPv4-based networks to the full IPv6 infrastructure. It assigns IPv6 addresses to clients and passes the IPv6 traffics through the IPv4 environment. The USG Series supports dual-stack and IPv4 tunneling (6rd and 6to4 transition tunnel) implementations for Internet connectivity to access IPv6 applications.

EASY VPN reduces operation cost and time
Establishing a VPN tunnel is a good way to build secure connections among remote offices, branch offices and partners; however it is difficult for non-technical employees, such as sales people, to use because of complicated configuration. The ZyXEL USG Series is equipped with the “EASY VPN” solution to push configuration files to the VPN clients automatically; this eliminates the configuration efforts while securing the access at the same time. In addition, the USG Series supports L2TP VPN technology on iPhones, Android phones and many other mobile devices as L2TP VPN enables employees in remote places to connect to the headquarters with easy and free access.
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Content filter for safer Web surfing
The World Wide Web has become the main target for network threats, since the Internet itself is a very effective malware delivery mechanism. With threats hidden directly in contents such as cookies, add-ons and rootkits, it makes malware exceptionally difficult to detect.
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The ZyXEL USG Series content filter solution provided by Blue Coat and Commtouch, the leading providers, reduces costs and extends protection by combining a comprehensive, integrated database featuring millions of URLs, IP addresses and domains. With the solution, the USG Series not only enables real-time protection that deters emerging Web threats including malware and phishing, but also blocks or monitors certain sites to maintain employee productivity.

Powerful Email security
The ZyXEL USG Series delivers industry-leading protection, powered by Commtouch, against spam, phishing and virus-laden emails. The extremely high performance of Commtouch technology comes from the unique recurrent pattern detection (RPD) mechanism that possesses its superior capability through analyzing millions of new patterns each day (24x7x365) to block all the associated messages real-time. In addition, the ZyXEL USG applies sender-based IP reputation to remove over 80% of unwanted mails and to take advantage of the zero-hour virus outbreak protection feature, which is capable of blocking or delaying suspicious messages hours before commercial anti-virus signatures are available.

More 3G card support
The ZyXEL USG Series not only supports multiple WAN ports but also 3G networks through USB or PC cards. With 3G connections, the USG Series enables load sharing or failover to deliver highly reliable network connectivity; it also supports more 3G cards with generic driver to ensure excellent interoperability. Since the customers don’t have to purchase specific 3G cards to save cost.
app usg 20 200 4 700

ICSA-certified firewall
Routing and transparent (bridge) mode
Zone-based access control list
Stateful packet inspection
User-aware policy enforcement
SIP/H.323 NAT traversal
ALG supports custom ports

IPv6 support
IPv6 Ready gold logo certified
Dual stack
IPv4 tunneling (6rd and 6to4 transition tunnel)

Virtual Private Network(VPN)
ICSA-certified IPSec VPN
Algorithm: AES/3DES/DES
Authentication: SHA-1, SHA-2/MD5
Key management: Manual key/IKE
Perfect forward secrecy (DH groups) support 1, 2, 5
IPSec NAT traversal
Dead peer detection/relay detection
PKI (X.509) certificate support
Centralize VPN support
Simple wizard support
Auto reconnect VPN
VPN HA (redundant remote VPN gateways)

Clientless secure remote access
Support reverse proxy mode and full tunnel mode
Unified policy enforcement
Supports two-factor authentication
Customizable user portal

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)*1 (USG 50/100/100-PLUS/200)
Routing and transparent (bridge) mode
Zone-based IDP inspection
Customizable protection profile
Protect over 2000 attack
Automatic signature updates
Custom signatures
Protocol anomaly detection and protection
Traffic anomaly detection and protection
Flooding detection and protection
DoS/DDoS protection

Application Patrol*1 (USG 50/100/100-PLUS /200)
Application, IM/P2P, stream base media, VoIP granular access control
Detail access control of IM (chat, file transfer, video)
Application and IM/P2P bandwidth control
User authentication support
IM/P2P signature auto update
Support more than 15 catalogs IM and P2P
Real-Time statistical reports
Maximum/guaranteed bandwidth

Anti-Virus*2 (USG 50/100/100-PLUS/200)
Support Kaspersky and ZyXEL Anti-Virus
Stream-based Anti-Virus engine
Zone base AV protection
HTTP/FTP/SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 protocol support
Automatic signature updates
No file size limitation
Blacklist/whitelist support

Zone to zone protection
Transparently intercept mail via SMTP/POP3 protocols
POP3/SMTP port configurable
Sender-based IP Reputation Filter
Commtouch RPD Query
Zero-hour Virus Outbreak Protection
X-Header Support
Support DNSBL checking
Spam tag support
Statistics report

High Availability (USG 100/200)
Active-Passive mode
Device failure detection and notification
Support ICMP and TCP ping check
Link monitoring
Auto-Sync configurations

Content Filtering (BlueCoat and Commtouch)*3
Social networking control
Web security—Security threat category (powered by BlueCoat)
URL blocking, keyword blocking
Profile base setting
Exempt list (blacklist and whitelist)
Blocks java applet, cookies and active X
Dynamic URL filtering database (powered by BlueCoat and Commtouch)
Unlimited user licenses support
Customize warning messages and redirect URL

Routing mode/bridge mode/mixed mode
Layer 2 port grouping
Tagged VLAN (802.1Q)
Virtual interface (alias interface)
Policy-based routing (user-aware)
Policy-based NAT (SNAT)
Dynamic routing (RIP v1/v2, OSPF)
DHCP client/server/relay
Dynamic DNS support
WAN Trunk more than 2 port (USG 50/100/100-PLUS /200)
Per host session limit
Guaranteed bandwidth
Maximum bandwidth
Priority-bandwidth utilization

Local user database
Microsoft Windows active directory integrate
External LDAP/RADIUS user database
Xauth over RADIUS for IPSec VPN
Forced user authentication (transparent authentication)
IP/MAC address binding

System Management
Role-Based administration
Multiple administrator login
Multi-Lingual web GUI (HTTPS/HTTP)
Object-based configuration
Command line interface (console/web console/SSH/TELNET)
System configuration rollback
Firmware upgrade via FTP/FTP-TLS/web GUI

Comprehensive local logging
Syslog (send to up to 4 servers)
E-mail alert (send to up to 2 servers)
Real-Time traffic monitoring
Built-in daily report
Advanced reporting (Vantage Report)
Centralized network management (Vantage CNM) manageable

Emission (EMC)
FCC Part15 (Class A)
CE EMC (Class A)

*1: Available for USG 50/100/100-PLUS/200 models with Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDP) subscription.
*2: Available for USG 50/100/100-PLUS/200 models with Anti-Virus subscription.
*3: Available for all USG models with a ZyWALL Content Filtering subscription.

Interfaces: 4 x LAN/DMZ, 1 x WAN (All GbE)
USB Ports: 1
SPI Firewall Throughput: 175 Mbps
VPN Throughput (3DES): 75Mbps
Max Sessions: 10,000
Unlimited User Licenses: Yes
Max. Concurrent IPSec VPN Tunnels: 5
Max. Concurrent SSL VPN Users: 1
Customizable Zone: Yes
Web Security – Content Filtering:Yes
E-mail security – Anti-SPAM: Yes
Intrusion Detection and Prevention: No
Anomaly Detection and Prevention: Yes
Application Patrol (IM/P2P Management): No
Bandwidth Management: Yes
Endpoint Security: Yes
User-aware Management: Yes
Device HA: No
Multiple WANs for Load Balancing: Yes (WAN/3G)



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