Ruckus Wireless MediaFlex™ 2111

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Adaptador Multimedia Wi-Fi inteligente 802.11g para 2825 y 2811

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The Ruckus Wireless MediaFlex 2800 series is the first-of-its-kind wireless multimedia routing system that reliably distributes multimedia content over standard 802.11 Wi-Fi. Unlike any other in-home Wi-Fi system, MediaFlex 2800 products integrate a long-range, directional smart antenna array to deliver unmatched reliability and performance at long distances. The Ruckus MediaFlex 2800 series includes both a 5-port (2825) as well as a single-port
(2811) 802.11g version that work seamlessly with the MediaFlex 2111 adapter.

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Installed in minutes, the Ruckus MediaFlex 2800 series helps carriers eliminate costly and cumbersome cabling within subscriber homes, speed installation times, and enable robust remote management. The Ruckus MediaFlex gives broadband operators a single system that reliably extends multimedia services throughout the home over standard 802.11b/g Wi-Fi while giving them the unprecedented visibility into and control over subscriber Wi-Fi environments – down to end devices.

One of the most sensitive Wi-Fi adapters on the market, the Ruckus
MediaFlex adapter is ideal for providing reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to
Ethernet-equipped media devices such as set-top boxes, personal video recorders, media centers and media center extenders. Simple to provision, the Ruckus MediaFlex adapter provides unprecedented range and reliability, effectively eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots and hard-to-reach locations, and allowing IP-capable set-top boxes to be located anywhere in the home without wiring concerns.

The Ruckus MediaFlex router combines innovative, patent-pending smart antenna and traffi c management technologies to break down the barriers that have prevented a single Wi-Fi network from simultaneously supporting voice, video and data in the home.

Unlike any Wi-Fi system on the market, the Ruckus MediaFlex router
constantly monitors the wireless environment, steering RF signals around interference and prioritizing different traffi c types for transmission over the air to enable the most stable and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity possible. This maximizes range and assures uninterrupted bandwidth for wholehome multimedia transmissions.

Service providers can deploy the Ruckus MediaFlex adapter in subscribers’ homes to deliver broadcast quality, IP-based video applications, such as IPTV and IPVoD (Video on Demand), without truck rolls for wiring installations thereby accelerating deployment, minimizing installations costs and maximizing service potential.

• Unparalleled remote control
Remote visibility into and control over services associated with each subscriber, real-time monitoring of the in-home Wi-Fi environment.

• Dramatic range and performance increases
Smart antenna system with six antennas and 63 unique antenna patterns ensure optimum signal paths and high data rates to support up to 3 simultaneous video streams.

• No more dead spots
Antenna control software monitors the RF and switches antenna patterns dynamically to route signals farther and bypass interference for the best coverage and capacity.

• Highest quality user experience
Precision and heuristic Quality of Service (QoS) management, combined with a smart antenna system, delivers consistent, reliable bandwidth essential for IPTV.

• Reliable Wi-Fi transmission of multicast IPTV
Unique traffi c classifi cation and smart multicast handling deliver multicast IPTV reliably to one or more set-top boxes.

• Virtual router supports multiple SSIDs
Separate wireless domains and security modes segment service providers traffi c, such as IPTV, from home user traffi c, such as Internet browsing.

• Self-installing, automatic confi guration
Comprehensive DHCP client and server support for both the service provider and home users. Port-based classification ensures separation of the data and video traffi c.

• Remote management and automatic upgrades
SNMP for troubleshooting and diagnostics. Auto fi rmware upgrades ease deployment and remote management.

• External power adapter
• Input: 110 – 240V AC (country specifi c), 220-240V AC (country specific)
• Output: 12V DC, 1A

PHYSICAL SIZE • 14.2cm(L), 12.2cm(W), 7.5cm(H)
WEIGHT • 200 grams

• Internal software-confi gurable antenna array with six directional, high-gain elements and 63 unique omni antenna patterns

ETHERNET PORTS • 5 ports or 1 port, auto MDX, autosensing 10/100 Mbps, RJ-45

LED DISPLAY • Power/status, Ethernet status, wireless status, wireless network quality indicator

• Operating Temperature: 32°F (0°C) – 104°F (40°C)
• Operating humidity: 15% – 95% non-condensing

• Up to 48 (for Open, WEP or WPA-AES)
• Up to 22 (for WPA-TKIP)

• 15 Mbps sustainable throughout a 5,000 square foot (460m2) home

• 2-3 simultaneous MPEG-2 or 4-6 MPEG-4 standard defi nition streams or single 10 Mbps+ HD streat at 50 feet (18m) with
concurrent background traffic

CLASSES OF SERVICE • Voice, video, best effort and background
• Automatic type of service tagging for classifi cation multicast video packets

• Up to 32 multicast groups
• Up to 48 receiving stations

• Directs multicast IPTV packets to each receiving station within the designated multicast group using the optimum data rate and antenna selection
• Automatic classifi cation into video queues
• Ensures reliable transmission of multicast video packets

• Web user interface, Telnet, SNMP statistics interface (2825 only), TR-069 (2825 only)

• User
• Admin


• LAN, wireless and associated stations
• Accessible via Web UI

• FTP or TFTP, remote auto available
• Accessible via Web UI
• Single or bulk software upgrade via TR-069 (2825 only)

• Confi guration dump (admin only)
• Simple support info transfer to provider
• Pre-installed X.509 v3 certifi cates

STANDARDS • 802.11b/g, WEP, WPA (PSK)

• 54,48,36,24,18,12,11,9.6, 5.5,2,1 Mbps
• Atheros SuperG Turbo (108 Mbps) not supported for video

• US/Canada: 1-11
• Europe (ETSI X30): 1-13
• Japan X41: 1-13

CHANNELIZATION • 40 MHz channel bonding supported

• 23 dBm for wireless-B and G
• Country-specific power settings are configurable

CERTIFICATIONS • U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile,
Colombia, European Countries, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, China


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