Epiphan VGA Broadcaster PRO

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Captura y transmite señales DVI-I / VGA – 1920×1200

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Epiphan Systems’ VGADVI Broadcaster Pro™ is a professional multi source audio-video internet streaming hardware product line that captures, synchronizes, encodes, and streams audio and video from one to four video sources into one or more output streams.

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VGADVI Broadcaster Pro is an easy to use solution for capturing, streaming and broadcasting high quality video sources such as presentations with embedded video, diagnostic imagery, industrial training, and live events. The VGADVI Broadcaster Pro captures from the SD sources (S-video/composite) and HD sources (VGA/DVI/HDMI1) and streams to one or more synchronized, time-stamped or picture-in-picture streams.

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro Key Features
Streams up to 2 synchronized VGA or DVI or HDMI channels and 2 composite or s-video video channels with audio source, live to remote audiences
Compact model supports HD resolutions up to 1920×1200, up to 80fps capture rate
Rack mount model supports HD resolutions up to 2048×2048 or 2560×1600, up to 80fps capture rate
Supports MPEG4, H.264, MJPEG compression
Each captured source can be simultaneously encoded and streamed to one or more output streams with choice of CODECs, bit rates, frame sizes, frame rates, transport protocols, etc:
ASF, FLV, RTP/RTSP, MJPEG, MPEG TS ( Apple Live HTTP Streaming for iDevices )
Parallel streaming channel dedicated for iPhone, iPad, iOS mobile devices
Extended support and compatibility with Content Delivery Networks
Supports a large number of simultaneous clients with choice of http, multicast, and CDN streaming
Ability to record multiple live streams to internal storage
Output can be further customized with branding of the stream viewing experience using XLST technology
Remote Controls such as: with EpiphanTouch, RS-232, HTTP API, mouse control, remote buttons

Multi Channel HD + SD Video and Audio Streaming Combinations
VGADVI Broadcaster Pro recording and streaming HD + SD video sources

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro has a compact model and a rack mount model, each with different video source capture capabilities.

Compact Model – The compact model captures an HD video source (VGA/RGB/Component/DVI/HDMI) (up to 1920×1200), an analog SD video source ( S-Video/Composite (PAL, NTSC)) and an audio source.

Rack mount model – The rack mount model captures up two HD channels (VGA/RGB/Component/DVI/DVI-DL/HDMI) sources, up to 2048×2048, from a display or camera video source, in parallel with up one or two SD video source channels and an audio source.

Encode to One or More Streams
VGADVI Broadcaster Pro encodes the input channels into a one or more streams with the choice of standard formats and customized settings such as CODEC, bit rate, frame size, transport protocol:

Flash (H.264), ASF (MPEG4), ASF (H.264), RTP (MPEG-4), RTP (H.264), MJPEG

This feature is especially useful when the viewing communities have different bandwidth and viewing objectives or constraints.

Administrators can also custom brand multiple output stream layouts with picture in picture arrangement, time stamping, copyright notices, and other branding text.

Stream 1 Channel and/or Multiple Independent Channels
Multi-Source Picture with Picture Video Matrix / Multiplexing Features VGADVI Broadcaster Pro can be configured to synchronize, stream and record video sources as a single video channel or maintain the video sources as multi video channel streams.

Video Sizing and Layout VGADVI Broadcaster Pro automatically detects the resolution and refresh rate of the input signals and scales them to the resolutions and frame rates of your choosing. The size and position of each input source as it appears in the output stream can be customized to allow multiple video sources into a single output channel. Creating multiple channels using the same video input sources enables multiple streams of the same content using differing output resolutions and/or refresh rates. Create summary views consisting of multiple video sources without sacrificing the ability to stream all video sources on their own at their native resolutions and frame rates.

Stream One or More Views to Different URLs
VGADVI Broadcaster Pro streams to one more output URLs as per the settings and transport (HTTP, RTP over RTSP, UDP, HTTP) for each stream. Standard browsers and media players view the channel stream(s) via the URL for the selected channel.

Record to Publish and Replay
VGADVI Broadcaster Pro optionally records the channel streams to its internal storage, and can automatically push recordings to network storage, internal FTP server, external FTP site and/or local USB storage key. Media files can be viewed by standard media players, browsers and processed with standard multi media editing tools.

Viewing VGADVI Broadcaster Streams
Web Browser
VGADVI Broadcaster Pro streams can be viewed through virtually any web browser. Simply enter the URL of the VGADVI Broadcaster Pro stream for which you want to view the live stream.

Media Player
The live streams can be viewed by almost all media players that support live streams, including Windows Media Player, QuickTime, VLC, and others.

Mobile Device
VGADVI Broadcaster Pro support streaming to mobile devices with players that support the codecs and transport protocols including a dedicated channel for streaming to mobile iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, without the need for additional software.

Extended Publish Streams to Content Distribution Networks and Compatibility
VGADVI Broadcaster Pro puts the power of CDN, Content Delivery Networks, at your fingertips. CDNs provide a scalable service that allow users to access and distribute content over the web that is quick and easy. Exclusive access to Epiphan Systems’ own demonstration CDN service – Epiphan.TV is available on a free trial basis to each VGADVI Broadcaster Pro user. Visit www.epiphan.tv for more information.

Input Signals VGA/DVI/HDMI1 source, analog video source (s-video, composite) , audio source (XLR or RCA)

Max Resolution 1920 x 1200 / 2048 x 2048 optional, contact us
Frame Rate Up to 30 fps
Compression MPEG4, H.264, MJPEG, Flash (H.263+)

RTP/RTSP, RTP/UDP, ASF/HTTP, FLV/HTTP, MJPEG/HTTP, MPEG TS ( Apple Live HTTP Streaming for iPad) HTTP, Multicast and CDN streaming

Bandwidth 1.2 Mbs
Audio Parameters XLR, RCA L/R, optional Unbalanced 3.5 mm jack
Viewer Application Quick Time, VLC, Flash, MS-Media Player, MJPEG Browsers, etc.
Operator’s Interface Web Interface, RS-232, HTTP-API, EpiphanTouch for iPad, iTouch, iPhone, mouse controls, remote buttons,

Size Rack-mounted 4U
Base Weight 12 kg / 25 lb, varies based on options
Storage 500 G HDD



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