Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector 1100

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Controladores Smart WLAN que escalan de 6 a 50 puntos de acceso.

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One of the first complete wireless LAN (WLAN) developed specifically for the needs and budgets of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and hotzone operators. Redundant and secure, the ZoneDirector 1000/1100 gives them the same enterprise features as the ZoneDirector 3000. It’s perfect for operators who want to offer business class hot spot services such as voice over Wi-Fi, IP-based video, secure enterprise access and tiered Wi-Fi services in venues such as hotels, airports, schools and public buildings. Easily deployed, centrally managed, and automatically tuned, ZoneDirector 1000/1100 is ideal for small businesses that require a robust and secure WLAN.

The ZoneDirector 1000/1100 integrates the Ruckus Smart/OS application engine that delivers advanced features such as smart wireless meshing, high availability, hot spot authentication, elegant guest networking and dynamic Wi-Fi security. It can be deployed and operated by non-wireless experts and installed quickly and easily through a point-and-click web-based wizard. Any organization with limited IT staff and budget can create a robust and secure multimedia WLAN in a matter of minutes.


ZoneDirector 1000/1100 provides WLAN-wide network, security, RF, and location management within a easy-to-use system that costs way less than competing products. It automatically manages the ZoneFlex network of APs, adjusting transmit power levels and RF channel assignments to prevent adjacent APs from interfering, and enabling redundant coverage if an AP fails. Configuration changes can easily be applied to multiple APs or to the entire system simultaneously. A customizable dashboard provides instant access to a variety of client and network information and events, and a real time heat map displays AP locations and signal coverage, as well as Ruckus Smart Mesh Networking topology.

The Ruckus Mobility module delivers faster and more secure Wi-Fi roaming for Voice over IP (VoIP) as well as data applications. A simple software license for the Ruckus ZoneOS (version 7.0 and higher), the Ruckus Mobility module adds key capabilities to the Ruckus ZoneFlex line of Smart Wireless controllers such as wireless LAN tunneling for voice over Wi-Fi applications and 802.1X fast roaming.

The Ruckus Mobility module minimizes erratic Wi-Fi behavior by enabling uninterrupted voice calls through the use of Layer 3 tunneling and using key caching techniques when roaming across ZoneFlex 802.11g/n access points (AP) to minimize roaming delays.

Innovative Security Features.

All clients attempting to access the WLAN are sent to ZoneDirector for authentication and authorization. In addition, a patent-pending Dynamic Pre- Shared Key (PSK) capability streamlines WLAN security. First-time users simply plug their computers into the WLAN and specify a URL, which directs them to a captive Web portal for one-time authentication. Then, ZoneDirector automatically configures the user’s system with the designated SSID and a unique, dynamically-generated encryption key.

Self-Organizing, Self-Healing Wireless Meshing.

ZoneDirector’s Smart Mesh eliminates the need to run Ethernet cabling to Smart Wi-Fi APs, since they can simply be plugged into any power source. Leveraging Smart Wi-Fi technology that provides extended range and dynamic signal controls, Smart Mesh Networking minimizes inter nodal hops that degrade performance, and automatically adapts Wi-Fi connections between nodes to environmental changes.

Interference Reduction And Highest Quality of Service.

ZoneDirector 1000/1100 automatically controls the channels assignments and transmit power levels of all ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi APs. Their sophisticated RF management focuses RF signals toward clients and away from interference, automatically maximizing performance and coverage and reducing the number of APs required. And through BeamFlex, ZoneFlex continually picks the best path for every packet to the client, as well as among mesh APs.

Advanced Performance Monitoring.

ZoneDirector 1000/1100 integrates with a unique performance utility, SpeedFlex™, which allows administrators to locally or remotely determine client Wi-Fi performance over the WLAN. It enables administrators to better plan, troubleshoot, monitor, and measure WLAN performance.


External power adapter
Input: 110-240V AC
Output: 12V DC, 1A

Physical Size

Desktop: 25cm (L), 15.93cm (W), 3.86cm (H)


2.2 lbs (1 kilogram)

Ethernet Ports

2 ports, auto MDX, auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps, RJ-45

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature: 32° F (0°C) – 122°F (50°C)
Operating humidity: 15% – 95% non condensing

Managed APs

Up to 50



Concurrent Stations

Up to 1,250



Guest Access


Captive Portal





Tunneling to AP

Network Architechure

IPv4, IPv6, dual-stack


802.1Q (1 per BSSID), dynamic VLAN


1+1 with auto-synchronization

DCHP Server



Web user interface, CLI, FlexMaster™ SNMP v1, v2, v3


RADIUS (primary and backup)

AP Provisioning

L2 or L3 auto-discovery
Auto-software upgrade
Automatic channel and power optimization

Client Provisioning

Auto proxy configuration

Wireless Packet Capture



WPA, WPA2, 802.11i


Ruckus Dynamic Pre-Shared Key


802.1x, MAC address

User Database

Internal database up to 1,250 users
External: RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory

Access Control

L2 (MAC address-based)
L3/4 (IP and Protocol based)
L2 client isolation
Management interface access control
Time-based WLANs

Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS)

Rogue AP detection
DoS attack prevention
Evil-twin/AP spoofing detection
Password guessing protection

Multimedia and Quality of Service


Software Queues

Per traffic type (4), per client

Traffic Classification

Automatic, heuristics and TOS based or VLAN-defined

Rate Limiting


WLAN Prioritization


Client Load Balancing



U.S., Europe, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE


Ruckus Wireless

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